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Kaarsvarken by [moos]


12/10/2013 - Four new Juke/Footwork tracks.

05/01/2013 - Old school vibes and a future sound. Oh, how I love Detroit techno.

04/02/2013 - Here's a set of six brand new tracks. Electro and techno.

10/04/2012 - For Mensenkinderen, a lo-fi project by Bas van Nienes, I did a remix of his track Zwarte Water. Deep bass stuff. Mensenkinderen | Zwarte Water ([moos] remix) by [moos]

04/30/2012 - Here's a brand new minimal track. If you like vocoders, check it out. Droomijs/Liebestanz by [moos]

01/29/2012 - [moos] did a live set full of new material at Erupt Radio on January 28. Here's the recording: [moos] Live @ EruptRadio 20120128 by [moos]

01/10/2012 - A massive juke/footwork tune by [moos]. Really. Check it out: Randomize by [moos]

11/10/2011 - My track Seconds Flatter, out as part of the excellent UK bass compilation Carbon Logic Cycle #10 Curated by Telepathe. Buy it on Juno. [Moos] - SECONDS FLATTER by -carbon logic-

11/01/2011 - My track Kolpophobia (a.k.a. Knokkelkoorts), out as part of the cool Phobia glitchhop compilation on WooferCookers. Buy it on AddicTech. Knokkelkoorts by [moos]

11/01/2011 - Check out Jorrits video for Seconds Flatter:

06/29/11- A new DJ mix, with new [moos] stuff and some oldies. Enjoy. [moos] 2011 June Dubstep Mix by [moos]

05/29/11- A new track, from the coming Kaarsvarken album. Glitchy, slow and low. Placed in the top 10 in the Glitch Hop Forum contest.

04/27/2011 - Coming up: two outdoor DJ sets in Utrecht. First, on the eve of Queen's Day (April 29) [moos] will do an outdoor DJ set @the corner of the Van Asch Van Wijkkade and the Begijnekade. Expect dubstep, minimal, techno and electro, from around 6pm till 1am!
On Queen's Day (April 30) [moos] gives a second DJ set, from 4.30pm till 6pm. See you there!

03/22/11- Dubstep track Seconds Flatter will be released on the Carbon Logic Cycle#10 compilation. Seconds Flatter by [moos]

01/31/2011 - Coming soon... [moos] - Kaarsvarken E.P. On Soundcloud.

07/31/2010 - [moos] live collaboration with VJ Harriebo, at the dubstep / electronics festival No Vacancies in dB's, Utrecht.

No Vacancies 2010 [moos] @ No Vacancies 2010

06/04/2010 - Director Jasper Langedijk has made a video clip for the track Phase Dub. The clip was selected for the local art competition Utrecht over Utrecht, and featured at the Louis Hartlooper Complex.

05/05/2010 - It was great fun doing the two Queen's Day DJ sets. Thanks everyone for dropping by, and we hope to make this a regular event! And thanks to everyone supporting Jobortunity for the great work.

03/31/2010 - DeepMonday internet radio featured an interview + special DJ/live mix pre-created by [moos]. Listen below, and check the track list for a few surprises. [moos] DeepMonday 2010 slow&low mix by [moos]

02/21/2010 - We have reached a number of 10.000 track downloads/plays on SoundCloud. Cool!

01/17/2010 - Check out our new promo video:

01/02/2010 - The 2009 dance track top 100, organized by, and based on over 90.000 public votes, was won by Dutch producer Garcon Taupe. [moos] proudly ended on place 70, with the track Phase Dub. Thanks for your votes!

12/13/2009 - [moos] came in a close second behind Pitto in the Grote Prijs NL 2009! The dark horse of the competition, [moos] didn't place in the public prize, but they were lauded by the judges for their musical skillz and "phat visuals." Grote Prijs judge, Job de Wit, twittered about [moos]'s near win, saying that they were a "very good second" and his "personal favorite". Online electronic music zine,, championed [moos], suggesting that the Grote Prijs panel chose for the mainstream over the original. Thanks to everyone for your support, and to the Grote Prijs for the awesome opportunity. Videos are on the right of this page, and the audio set is below: [moos] live @ Grote Prijs Finals 20091212 De Melkweg by [moos]

12/06/2009 - For some cool pics of the Club 3voor12 Utrecht gig, go here.

11/29/2009 - And here's the liveset of the Utrecht gig:
[moos] live @ Club 3voor12 Utrecht 20091126 by [moos]

11/11/2009 - Gig update:
November 26 2009: dB's, Utrecht - Club 3voor12 Utrecht
December 12 2009: Melkweg, Amsterdam - Grote Prijs NL Finals

11/10/2009 -
November 7 2009: Popcentrale, Dordrecht - 3voor12 Drechtsteden
[moos] live @ Club 3voor12 Drechtsteden 20091107 by [moos]

10/07/2009 - Wooaah! we're there!! Grote Prijs NL 2009 Finals, December 12 in de Melkweg in Amsterdam. In the meantime, i.e. right now, you can vote online for [moos].
Thanks everybody for the support so far, and we hope to see you there!

09/14/2009 - The [moos] GPNL 2009 podcast is available on DJ Broadcast. Dubstep and downtempo... Support [moos] to the finals! Also check out the topic on eclectro and

[moos] GPNL 2009 Lowdown Mix by [moos]

06/13/2009 - A short interview with [moos] (in Dutch) on 3voor12/utrecht.

05/19/2009 - [moos] is (once again) one of the 12 semi-finalists in the Dutch Grote Prijs Dance competition. More news to follow...

04/28/2009 - On the eve of Queen's Day (April 29) [moos] will do an outdoor DJ set in Utrecht. Location: the corner of the Van Asch Van Wijkkade and the Begijnekade. Also performing is DJ Nakato. Expect dubstep, minimal, techno and electro, from around 8pm till 1am!

04/18/2009 - [moos] proudly presents: The Dubstep Files Vol. 1. It is an E.P. containing three dubstep tracks plus an Ableton Live dubstep DJ set (playlist). Download the E.P. for free from

01/09/2009 - My entry for the Jazzanova Remix Contest of their track I Can See, turned out to be a track inspired by the raw Vitalic/Soulwax sound.

09/26/2008 - talking about my dubstep track Phase Dub. Phase Dub by [moos]

09/18/2008 - After a long holiday, here are a couple of new tunes: Phase Dub (dubstep), Saturn (minimal/neotrance), and Geen Schijt (electro). Enjoy.

07/01/2008 - Everybody @ Kaasschaaf and Ekko, thanks for all the support! I enjoyed doing the gig (with cowboy hat!) at the Bijschaven cultural event in Ekko, Utrecht.

06/19/2008 - Upcoming: June 26 [moos] live at the Bijschaven cultural event in Ekko, Utrecht. First the football match, then [moos] late at night.

06/18/2008 - After a little bit of cutting up, the live recording is now available in chunks, from The audio and playlist can be downloaded from the music page.

05/31/2008 - It was a lot of fun doing the show yesterday. Thanks for all the support from the Eclectro community. A full-length recording is available on demand in the Mogulus player. Click the button on the bottom and check it out!

05/09/2008 - Upcoming event on May 30: an intercontinental live set, bringing together live video from Chicago and live audio from Utrecht, to create an experimental and simultaneous live experience using internet technology. The webcast will be available via

05/09/2008 - In June [moos] will do a live audio set at the Bijschaven cultural event in Ekko, Utrecht.

04/24/2008 - 2008 will bring dark electronic dub sounds from [moos]. Watch out for new tracks appearing in the coming months... Number one: Grabbelton Dub.

01/11/2008 - [moos] was nominated in the 2007 polls by 3voor12/utrecht. Cool.

12/10/2007 - Your chance to vote for [moos] on the 2007 dance track contest! Use the control to choose one of the two records, and repeat...

12/3/2007 - For I finished a DJ mix of great tracks by Global Communication aka Jedi Knights. I also wrote a little piece about them.

10/18/2007 - Check the 3voor12/Utrecht review (in Dutch) of the digitaldutchelectro E.P.

10/12/2007 - Just got back from an inspiring trip to Chicago, to find that the cool music site did a few bloglines on the [moos] promo mix. Thanks!

9/19/2007 - Here's a special promo mix for the digitaldutchelectro release, made in Ableton. Stream or download (28min, 52 MB). And here is the playlist.

9/14/2007 - If you are in the Chicago area on Sep 22, check out the [moos] visuals at the ElectrOrganism event.

9/13/2007 - For something different, try this glitchy track. Based on a weird Singing Science track Zoom A Little Zoom from the 1950s.

9/6/07 - the digitaldutchelectro E.P. is finished. Track listing: Detroit Dynamix/Ein Aus/Qbical-WFE remix/Drill.

8/24/2007 - A 3voor12/Utrecht review of the Biton Open Air festival. Next time, we need more people, less rain, and more dancing!

8/10/2007 - [moos] was selected as runner-up for the Vinylized dance track competition, just like last year.

6/20/2007 - [moos] will play at the local Biton Open Air festival in August.

5/16/2007 - New version of Drill and new track Saw now on-line.

4/26/2007 - Kind words from about the new tracks. Thanks!

4/12/2007 - More new [moos] material is now on-line, all in high quality 320 kbps mp3. The playlist plays all of them.

4/9/2007 - Busy moving the site to a new hosting provider; looks like this will finally fix the streaming problems.

3/29/2007 - Oh yes! Another fresh [moos] track Ein Aus. Check it out!

1/11/2007 - [moos] is now on Buy a part if you are a believer!

12/3/2006 - New tracks and re'cued versions uploaded. Check out the playlist.

9/18/2006 -Working on a number of new tracks. Check out the playlist.

8/11/2006 - Enjoyed the Vinylized workshop. Read about it on 3voor12.

7/27/2006 - Inkling review on KindaMuzik.

7/16/2006 - New [moos] website launched.

6/24/2006 - Just finished a remix of Qbical's track Warm Fuzzy Elektrons. Check his website.

5/21/2006 - [moos] had a great time playing at the (rather cold) open air Festival a/d Werf in Utrecht. Here's a short video. And here's the full audio set.

5/22/2006 - Another review of Inkling on

4/10/2006 - First review of Inkling, on 3voor12/Utrecht.

4/2/2006 - All Inkling tracks are now available on-line, with artwork.

2/2/2006 - [moos] created a vodcast mix of music and live visuals: play in iTunes.

11/2/2005 - Too Cold remix has been selected for the Demontage Download.